About Taimyo network

The Taimyo Network for World Peace uses the meditation form Taimyo Kata as a form of prayer. Taimyo means “Great Mystery” and kata means “form.” Taimyo is a distillation of the creative experience of Shintaido founder Hiroyuki Aoki. We use the kata to practice and pray together, and to express our caring for the Earth and for one another.

The physical practice of the kata and the spiritual connection through the network are complemented with an Internet forum. The forum is available to Shintaido practitioners around the world, allowing us to transcend national boundaries.

When we synchronize our schedules in order to meditate together, regardless of where we live in the world, we are working to bring forth a vision of world peace, a safe and clean environment and freedom for all oppressed people.

Perceptive people around the world have known for a decade that our world was in crisis but I was slow to come to that realization. It was not until the events of 9-11 that I realized there truly is no safe place on earth.

Since this is the case each of us must become a medicine man/woman, shaman or spiritual warrior so that we can pray without ceasing in our daily lives for peace, a healthy planet and social justice.

If all of us around the world encourage one another and allow our light to shine in the countries, cities, towns, and villages where we live, we will make small changes around us gradually and one by one even if we’re unable to realize our vision of peace and justice immediately.

It’s as if we are walking through a dark tunnel, drawing slowly closer to the light at the other end. The closer we get, the clearer it becomes. In the same way, I believe our lives (and fate) can shift gradually from a negative direction to a positive one. Then we can truly be a light to the people around us.

Haruyoshi Fugaku Ito/Facilitator of Taimyo network

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