From Nicole in France

Dear all,
I am happy to confirm that many of my friends in France have answer to my mail proposing to join this TAIMYO KATA network, I have proposed to them this theme that I have found on a paper on the freedge door of Tomi which I found very closed to the exchange of feedback the group practising with H.F. Ito for the memorial day for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, people found it inspiring :

Be the change you wish to see in the world…. Gandhi

So let me give you some names but most of those people will have gather a little group of friends.

– Clélie Dudon – her husband – the father of her husband (coming from Brazil) and Milena their little daughter, from their country side
– Hannie Mannaert – did a few Shintaido workhops does not know well Taimyo Kata but she will do what she can remember and gather few people (South of France),
– Nathalie Tzarfati – from Israël !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she will use her TAI CHI kata because she does not know Taimyo Kata yet.
– Valérie Cohen – Instructor in Paris
– Françoise Leclerc – who does not know Taimyo Kata but who has already practice a meditation with us for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki memorial days.
-Sylvie Alexandre – Instructor in Paris – she will try to gather people
– Aki Nishida – Instructor in Paris – with his group
– Serge Magne – with his group
– Nicole Beauvois – with a group of people who do not know TAIMYO KATA but have studied TAI CHI with Ito this summer, we will do half TAI CHI / half part of TAIMYO KATA
– Hubert Stampfer – from Shintaido Loire Valley, he is doing a mandala with another group but he will speak about our network and theme and they will be with us in another way.

and much more I am sure but who have not answered yet.

With much Love,