Taimyo in Day Street 2011

Dear Members of the Taimyo Network around the world:
Greetings from SF CA!
I will be leading  a series of Taimyo classes at the Day Street Dojo in SF starting this Monday!
Would you like to join me/us in meditation beyond time & space?
Monday, January 24
Monday, January 31
Monday, February 7
Monday, February 14
7 -8:30pm
426 Day Street
The following is a message of encouragement that I received from A-sensei 10 years ago…
Really started appreciating it recently!
It is my pleasure to share it with you this time…..

Shintaido works in our lives at so many different levels.

At first the Keiko opens our minds and hearts, and lets us experience a kind of freedom that we have never known before.

Then, if we go completely through that process, we begin to see the Keiko as a way to direct and shape our lives.

But if we keep going until our Keiko expresses the great flow of life-force from the beginning of time, then our lives will go beyond our expectations and our Keiko will be made complete.


From a new year’s message Ito received from Hiroyuki Aoki, on January 1, 2000