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From Carole

December 11, 2005


Thinking of you!

I came out of silence and meditation yesterday around noon, well, came out is not the good word, I hope to transport this with me… I take this moment to share with you a part of what is present inside me as a result, for now.., of this experience.

Why is it so difficult to be in peace on this earth… I felt profoundly that lack of feeling loved inside, not having touch a warm presence inside, bring one poeple to function with ”logical” mind (brain?).. without sensitivity, at different level in life…

This can be very dangerous…

This action you initiated is so good. Since I meditate for many years now, I recognised the importance of it before. For me first, to take care of myself and after for those around me, now I am deepening this…

One person going inside herself meeting with this warm presence, glowing a soft and warm love, spreading this energy and simply touching hearts somewhere…now I begin to realy believe it…

Could that be so simple? This realy is that simple and real when I am in silence and meditation. Now I need to cultivate this through my practice of Shintaïdo and by renewing with a more regular practice of silent meditation. I think that moving meditation is helping transport the deepness of silent meditation through every day life…

Today I am going to a sweath lodge lead by ”pipe carrier” Don Caplin (Mic Mac Nation). I am grateful he accepted to lead this ceremony. For me Don is a very humble man and he prays with all his heart for the four races. I will share the Taimyô aims with my spiritual friends (Micheline will be there!) and will be sending you love.

Thank tou for glowing your inspiration and love.

Keep in touch,

Take care,