Discussion on Taimyo focus – 2005-06

from Pierre (In a message dated 12/18/05 5:26:11 AM.) Dear Ula: Fugaku and I had a very interesting conversation yesterday evening about the necessary separation of “religious faith” with other human affairs (at least politic, business and media powers :o). Pierre **************** from Pierre (In a message dated 12/19/05 9:07:28 AM.) Dear Fugaku, Thank you very much for this conversation. I have a very high idea of your influence and I am very worried by the way american governement is mixing up all those dimensions of human affairs. I heard that one american citizen has taken the american government to court in order to suppress the mention “In god we Continue reading

December 2005, Memorial of the pacific rim

Message from H.F. Ito December 7 and December 10 will be here soon. December 7, 1941, is when Japanese naby attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and December 10, 1937, is when the Japanese army in China invaded Nanjing in China (the “Nanjing massacre”). The truth about Nanjing, especially about the number of people killed, is fiercely debated even within Japan. However, there is no question that more that 60 years ago the leaders of Japan took the country in the wrong direction. The Imperial Army and Navy invaded China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Indonesia at the sacrifice of millions of lives. Imperial Japan and the Japanese people before Continue reading