2017_ The Diamond Eight Cut and Life Reflections

Shintaido is 50 years old this year, and like a 50-year old malt whiskey, it is rich and mature through its expression in our bodies and our lives. In his essay in Body Dialogue, Michael Thompson described Shintaido planting a new tradition in Japanese martial arts by having students sit and bow to one another in a circle at the start and end of training – rather than in lines facing the teacher. The circle radically changed the relationship of the students to their teacher, and to one another. This innovation by Aoki-sensei marked a new epoch. Click below to continue: 2017_ The Diamond Eight Cut and Life Reflections                     Continue reading

2017 Winter – Taimyo meditation in San Francisco

Taimyo meditation would be held in 4 Tuesday evenings in January~February Theme: Diamond Eight Cut An exercise to align and maintain Mind, Body & Spirit. 426 Day Street 7pm to 8:30pm Cost: $50 for all 4 classes or $15 per class RSVP: Connie at bordensheets@aol.com