Song-Rou, Xu-Kong, Yuan-Man 2013.7

鬆・柔、虚・空、円・満 Song-Rou, Xu-Kong, Yuan-Man These 6 characters effectively describe the development of mind and body in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan. As we progress in keiko, a number of mind-body characteristics start to develop: 鬆 “Song” meaning relaxation, 柔 “Rou” (the character for flexibility, meaning soft resilience), 虚・空 “Xu-Kong” (the characters for deficiency and emptiness, meaning that within ourselves we respond naturally to stimulus from outside), 円・満 “Yuan-MAN” (the characters for round and full, meaning that we are naturally filled up with universal KI energy). 鬆 “Song” means relax, or loosening. 柔 “Rou” means “soft and flexible” We also have three additional Chinese characters that express similar feelings: 軟 Continue reading