Message from H.F. Ito

December 7 and December 10 will be here soon. December 7, 1941, is when Japanese naby attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and December 10, 1937, is when the Japanese army in China invaded Nanjing in China (the “Nanjing massacre”). The truth about Nanjing, especially about the number of people killed, is fiercely debated even within Japan. However, there is no question that more that 60 years ago the leaders of Japan took the country in the wrong direction. The Imperial Army and Navy invaded China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Indonesia at the sacrifice of millions of lives. Imperial Japan and the Japanese people before and during World War II were highly idealistic. The tragedy of that war shows that no matter how high their ideals, nations and people can cause terrible destruction to their neighbors and themselves if they think only about their own benefit. I will be in meditation from December 7 to December 10 to reflect on my responsibility as a Japanese for the shameful behavior of my country in the past, to do everything that I can to prevent such terrible things from happening again, and to pray that leaders around the world will avoid such terrible mistakes in the future. I invite you to join me!

H. F. Ito

Come join the Taimyo Network for Peace in meditation on the anniversary of a tragic events on the Pac Rim during World War II.
We will be doing TAIMYO internationally for inner peace, world peace and world safety: in Ito’s own words, “…across geographies, time zones, and states of consciousness…as a way to help heal ourselves, others, and the world.” Taimyo means “Great Mystery’

The World Wide Event.
Haruyoshi Ito and Nicole Beauvois leading Taimyo in France
Masashi Minagawa & Ula Chambers leading Taimyo in England
Michael De-Campo & Vera Costello leading Taimyo in Australia
Lee and John Seaman in Bellingham, Wash
Stephen Billias and Bela Breaslau in Massachusetts
Connie Borden leading Taimyo in San Rafael, California
WHO SHOULD COME. These world-wide meditation sessions are open to all and are suitable for men and women of all ages and varying physical conditions. No previous experience necessary. By meditating together we work to advance very large goals, including healing for those experiencing tragedy, and to advance world safety, world peace and freedom for oppressed persons everywhere.

THE DETAILS. Check local instructors for the date offered in your region. In SF Taimyo will be offered Wednesday, December 7, 2005 from 7 – 8:30pm at 426 Day Street.

QUESTIONS ? Email Connie Borden at or call 415-695-2888.
Visit for additional information on Shintaido.

Upcoming dates: 1/01/06; 2/06; 8/06 – 8/09.
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