The Heart Sutra and Meditation — by Shin-Ichi Matsuyama

Happy Solstice ! It is with great pleasure that I send you the following text as a support for my Taiymo meditation workshop this summer. When I read this essay from Matsuyama on his understanding of the Heart Sutra and its relationship with meditation, I asked to translate it in English for the Shintaido and Life Exercise practitioners worldwide. Matsuyama’s essay deals with Chuang Zhou (Zhuang Zi), a disciple of Laozi who wrote about Confucius’s teachings. It also describes how some aspects of Chuang Zhou’s book are linked to the Heart Sutra and meditation. Thank you, Shin-Ichi! Haruyoshi Fugaku Ito, June 21, 2015 PS: if you approach it with a Continue reading