Comments No. 3

From Ingrid
Dear Ula and Shintaido friends

Thank you for your sharing. I have not practiced Taimyo for a long time, and when the invitation to join the Peace Network I felt very motivated and delighted to be given the opportunity to practice with others with the intent so strongly on peace..
I thought I would have started earlier last night, 11.30 felt very late, but in the end I
began the practice 11.20pm. At 11.30 I had a strong awareness of everybody else practising, and this was with me, coming and going during the practice. The medtationpostures stilled my thoughts, and especially the 2. and 3.rd position were strong, I was peace and experienced grace and gratitude.

The websites have been helpful, Itos thoughts very motivating, and also the Taimyo notes. Last night I needed the help of the notes to remember the sequences. I have forgotten a couple of things, can you help please so I can have it right for tonights practice?

–chip in please feel free–
The ones I am not sure about are:
Yoshin Part 2/Hachiji dachi.
How is that different from Yoshin in part 1.?

Also from part 3., How do we do the Wakame? And last , Odachi Zanshin is that just standing in mountain posture?

Hope for clarification, I really want to get it right and get into the flow
of the whole tonight without using the notes. >>>

Charles , the website is great. Thank you. I seem to remember it was a detailed description somewhere of the whole taimyo, it that on the net somewhere?

Yes I am in Norway for a longer period now, but I have not moved from England. Whether I do is still open. I am attending a two year training , part time, in Norway in Coaching, using expressive arts, so that brings me over four times a year. This time I combine it with celebrating Christmas here.

Warm regards from
PS it just started snowing here I am writing to you.
PS 2 Big hug to you Masashi


I ended up practicing last night also at 11.30, it was more flow all the way through. And again I felt moved by rhe awareness of so many others doing it at the same time, feeling connected through the heart.
And I read in the newspaper yesterday that it was a peacemarking in most schools throughout the country with children marching in processions with lit torches,giving children in countries of war “a face”. ot whatever you call the live lit ones.
Also I read that the United Nations day for marking human
rights. It seems to be a time when many have the awareness on peace.

Looking foward to meeting you all tonight trough the practice.

Warm regards ,and wishes of a lightfilled and peaceful christmastime.