Session at Omaha Beach in Normandy – 2007

Dear Taimyo Sisters & Brothers:

Have you planned anything special for Easter weekend this year?
If you haven’t, please plan to join me and Nicole Beauvois for a Taimyo Meditation Session at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France on the first weekend in April! Saturday, April 7 – Monday, April 9

I see Omaha Beach as a symbol of the healing power of Mother Nature.
In 1944 the beach was a scene from Hell, but today one can truly feel Ten-Chi-Jin standing on the Normandy shore. This could be one simple way of studying Life & Death ― and appreciating our own experience of it. (

We want people to join us ― playing with Taimyo forms in nature!
We have not organized a formal workshop nor reserved any retreat or indoor space. We plan to go out at low tide, rain or shine!

Here are 4 options/suggestions:

1) Make a day trip to Omaha Beach on Sunday, April 8 and meet us on the beach! For this option, no hotel reservations are necessary.

2) Make your own reservation (ASAP!) at a hotel in the Omaha Beach area and come to spend time with us! It could be an overnight trip from Saturday through Sunday, or Sunday through Monday.

3) Spend 2 nights and 3 days there!!!

4) Stay where you live! Play with/practice Taimyo at your own power spot and send us “KI” energy! As long as you give us advance notice, we will send our “KI” to you during our practice! We believe that we can go beyond time and space and BE ONE with Shintaido distant healing!!

THE HOTEL where Nicole and I have made reservations:

H�・tel D.DAY HOUSE – Omaha beach –
Place du Monument
14710 – Saint-Laurent sur mer / T�・l. 02 31 92 66 49 et Fax. 02 31 21 56 01
(55 euros per night + 7 euros for breakfast)

2 hours from Paris-Saint-Lazare station to Bayeux Station, then 10 min by car or taxi (30 euros for 7 people, reservations required).

A few sessions of Taimyo kata, a long walk on Omaha Beach, a visit to the War Museum, a long discussion over Easter Dinner (it’s Oyster season!), etc.
(Nicole and I will arrive Saturday early afternoon and stay until Monday late morning)

We look forward to seeing you at the beach in person ― or in spirit!