September 2005, World Event

September 11, 2005
On the memorial of the 9/11 events in America

Come join the Taimyo Network for Peace in meditation on the anniversary of a tragic event. We will be doing TAIMYO internationally for both inner peace and world peace: in Ito’s own words, “…across geographies, time zones, and states of consciousness…as a way to help heal ourselves, others, and the world.”

Taimyo means “Great Mystery’ and is a moving meditation that may be done standing or sitting and is readily adapted to a wide range of physical conditions and abilities.

The World Wide Event.
Haruyoshi Ito leading Taimyo in Japan
Masashi Minagawa leading Taimyo in Ireland
Nicole Beauvois leading Taimyo in France
Ula Chambers leading Taimyo in England
Michael De-Campo & Vera Costello leading Taimyo in Australia
Connie Borden leading Taimyo in San Rafael, California

WHO SHOULD COME. These world-wide meditation sessions are open to all and are suitable for men and women of all ages and varying physical conditions. No previous experience necessary. By meditating together we work to advance very large goals, including world safety, world peace and freedom for oppressed persons everywhere.

THE DETAILS. Sunday, September 11, 2005; 8 – 9:30am
Location: Marin Academy, San Rafael
Cost: $10

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