What My Name Has Taught Me

By H.F. Ito with help from Tomi Nagai-Rothe and Lee Seaman My full name is Haruyoshi Fugaku Ito. Since many people know me simply as Ito, you may not be familiar with the rest of my name. This is my reflection on what I have expressed through my name, and learned from it. My parents gave me the name, Haruyoshi. Haru means spring, and Yoshi means righteousness. I was told that Haruyoshi came from my great grandfather, who was the first generation town mayor of Hayama-cho*! * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayama,_Kanagawa Hayama is located at the northern end of Miura Peninsula, facing Sagami Bay on the Pacific Ocean. The area has a temperate maritime climate with short cool winters, and hot humid summers. Fugaku is Continue reading

2017 Winter – Taimyo meditation in San Francisco

Taimyo meditation would be held in 4 Tuesday evenings in January~February Theme: Diamond Eight Cut An exercise to align and maintain Mind, Body & Spirit. 426 Day Street 7pm to 8:30pm Cost: $50 for all 4 classes or $15 per class RSVP: Connie at bordensheets@aol.com

Traveling with Diamond Eight Cut (DEC)

Dear Taimyo brothers & Sisters, Traveling with Diamond Eight Cut (DEC): Soon after formally I studied the DEC with Masashi Minagawa at the Reims event, Nicole and I flew back to spend the summer in San Francisco. While there I had three opportunities to deepen my understanding of this kata: It formed a core part of my summer teaching program – 2016 Taimyo meditation classes – at the Day Street Dojo in San Francisco I shared it with Jim S., Connie B., Shin A., Sandra B., Rob G., Chris N., David S., and Mike S. at the Pacific Shintaido Kenjutsu workshop held in San Rafael, August 20–21 I tested it Continue reading

An inside story – 2016

Dear Taimyo Brothers & Sisters: Greeting from SF CA, where I finished 2 Tuesday evening classes, and 3 more to go! Hope you are well and enjoying your “Taimyo” at wherever you are!! As you have heard already, the 11th International Shintaido Gathering was held in Reims, France at the middle of July, 2016, and it has been successfully completed ! By being a facilitator during the TNEC discussion we had for the last 6 months, the following is a cross cultural analysis* came back to my mind: * After I came to the US in 1975, I immersed myself for several years in comparative culture studies. From that, I Continue reading

2016 Bay area Taimyo meditation

Greeting from SF CA, where Nicole and I have just arrived! Nicole has to fly back to Paris at the middle of August, but I will be in California till the end of month. And, while in the Bay Area, I’ll lead a annual series of 5 Tuesday evening Taimyo mediation class at the Day Street Dojo, San Francisco! This meditation class praying for “The world peace” got started right after the tragic event happened in New York on September 11, 2001, and has been held in the SF Bay Area for the last 15 years.  If you want to know more about it, please visit our site at:   http://taimyo-e.ciao.jp/taimyo-e/ http://taimyo-f.blogspot.fr http://www.taimyo.net The following is the quote I have chosen as the Continue reading

The Heart Sutra and Meditation — by Shin-Ichi Matsuyama

Happy Solstice ! It is with great pleasure that I send you the following text as a support for my Taiymo meditation workshop this summer. When I read this essay from Matsuyama on his understanding of the Heart Sutra and its relationship with meditation, I asked to translate it in English for the Shintaido and Life Exercise practitioners worldwide. Matsuyama’s essay deals with Chuang Zhou (Zhuang Zi), a disciple of Laozi who wrote about Confucius’s teachings. It also describes how some aspects of Chuang Zhou’s book are linked to the Heart Sutra and meditation. Thank you, Shin-Ichi! Haruyoshi Fugaku Ito, June 21, 2015 PS: if you approach it with a Continue reading

Six Tuesday meditation – 2015 San Francisco

Dear Friends, Happy Summer! I hope you are well. I look forward to meeting you via our Taimyo network this summer. This time I would like to focus on “Ritsui Ju Meiso-Ho” (10-Position Standing Meditation). I especially want to share my latest understanding and appreciation of four poses in the last half of the meditation: Kenka-I (#5) to Kenshin-I (#6), (Kenshin-I (#6) to Bokyo-I (#7), and Bokyo-I (#7) to Joshin-I (#8). Below are some thoughts I prepared for the series of six Tuesday evening class held at the Day Street Dojo in San Francisco from July 28 through September 1. I hope these thoughts will help you find a new and rewarding focus for Continue reading

Facing Death – 2015.2.28

Facing Death I was recently contacted by a Shintaido practitioner who has been diagnosed with a serious, possibly deadly, illness.  It reminded me that we all face this situation at some point in our lives, and usually we don’t feel ready for it. It makes me think of my own health challenges, and I’d like to share the process I went through when I faced the death in 2004 and 2006, and how I was able to return to myself: The Process I was shocked and scared by the first stages of my three medical emergencies. I was thinking of killing myself if I was going to be physically handicapped. Continue reading

2015 New Year’s Greeting!

Happy New Year! As we move into the new year, it is my pleasure to share my heart-felt thoughts about Tenshin-Ken (天真剣). This has a lot to do with philosophy of life and my search for the changes that I believe we all hope to see in our world. But as usual, let me take a technical approach first! Tenshin-Ken, Practice and Your True Self As you know, in Shintaido we have a large group of kumite forms that fall under the category of Kirioroshi Kumite. Within this group of movements, Tenshin-Ken = Daijodan Kirioroshi. We take turns cutting through our partner’s core. That physical movement cuts away tension, opens Continue reading