Facing Death – 2015.2.28

Facing Death

I was recently contacted by a Shintaido practitioner who has been diagnosed with a serious, possibly deadly, illness.  It reminded me that we all face this situation at some point in our lives, and usually we don’t feel ready for it.

It makes me think of my own health challenges, and I’d like to share the process I went through when I faced the death in 2004 and 2006, and how I was able to return to myself:

The Process

I was shocked and scared by the first stages of my three medical emergencies. I was thinking of killing myself if I was going to be physically handicapped. Fortunately, I was able to let myself come back to a normal body condition, even though I was warned by doctors that it might not be possible.

The three serious medical emergencies reminded me of what I really wanted to do during the rest of my life, and ultimately helped me sort out what I really could accomplish. Since then I’ve used the learning as my life principles whenever I need to make a choice in life.

Developing Goals and Principles

1, I recommend that you make a list of what you really want to be/do during the rest of your life, including your many wishes

2, Start thinking about all the ways that you can make them happen

3, From among your hopes and dreams, select one, or two that you can truly put into practice.

4, Start making a clear plan to let them happen

5, Then you will find out what Nature/Universe expects of you

I understand that this was the Way of the Samurai when a samurai had to face his death in life.

Facing death is a very scary experience, but it’s also a great opportunity to clear your mind and clarify your destiny. I believe the life you’ve lived up to this point has much wisdom. Use it to guide you where you need to go and to inform what you need to accomplish now.

The value of your life is not based on its length. The value comes from the richness of your life experience.

Namu amida butsu, Immanuel Amen!

Om, shalom

A, E, I, O, Um

Sincerely yours,


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